Thursday - Pastor Bryan

As we think about the power of love over the next few weeks, perhaps it's worth considering that love is more than pretty hearts and easily tied bows. Sometimes it's quite difficult. As Leonard Cohn once famously sang "Love is not a victory march, it's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah."

Researcher Brene' Brown recently recorded some beautiful thoughts about love, and how it collides with forgiveness, grief, and shame. She said:

"In order for forgiveness to really happen, something has to die. In all these faith communities where forgiveness is easy and faith is easy... there's not enough blood on the floor to make sense of that."

What has to die in order for forgiveness to happen? Maybe expectations? Maybe anger? Maybe pride? Maybe self-righteousness?

What are you willing to sacrifice... to let die... to actively kill... in order to experience forgiveness and grace? What are you willing to give in order to know the real power of love?