Friday - Pastor's Corner w/ Pastor Bryan

If you’ve been to Holy Trinity this summer you might have heard us talking about walls. Usually, though, when we talk about “walls” at church, we’re talking about tearing them down.  Maybe we have walls we’ve built between each other – walls built with bricks of gossip, pettiness, and misunderstanding - that we need to tear down.  Maybe we have walls between us and God that we need to demolish. Maybe we don’t feel entirely safe around God or sure about the way he works in the world, so we build up walls with little bricks of fear… little bricks of control… little bricks of distance. 

But this summer, we haven’t been talking about walls Holy Trinity needs to tear down. Nope… we’ve been talking about walls we can build up!  We’ve been talking about how we can strengthen the spiritual walls of our church by really taking care of our community.  

As Bob the Builder would say, “Can we build it?  YES WE CAN!!”

Church, y’all have responded to this rally cry in such a beautiful way!  So many of you have wanted to know what YOU can do to help take care of the community that’s sheltered by Holy Trinity’s walls. You’ve asked, “how can I reach out to folks who need support and encouragement??” You’ve asked “how can I let folks know that I miss them??” You’ve asked “what can I do to make our community stronger??”  

Well… good news!! I have a couple of answers that we can ALL use to take better care of each other! If you were at church last Sunday, you heard us make an announcement about the new “Care and Appreciation Cards” you can use to reach out to Holy Trinity partners you haven’t seen in a while, people who need encouragement, and folks who just need to know how much we appreciate the work they do. (By the way… if you weren’t at church on  Sunday and would like to know more, swing by this Sunday! We’ll talk about them again!!) Check out the blue cards in the seatbacks this Sunday and show some love to your Holy Trinity family!!

Also… save this email address ( in an important place!  When you have something you’d like a Holy Trinity partner or pastor to be praying about, are going to be in the hospital, or have something happen in your family that we need to know about, send your needs to this email address. Holy Trinity has an amazing team of folks who are passionate about praying for our community and helping provide care. Let us know when you hear of someone that could use a prayer, hospital visit, or encouraging word so our care and pastoral teams can show them some love!

In the book of James (in the Bible), James suggests that “religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” We have some widows (and widowers) in our church. We also have some orphans. I think, though, that this verse isn’t encouraging us to ONLY take care of widows and orphans. The spirit of these words tells us, instead, that pure faith drives us to take care of the folks who need it most.  

Friends, we have folks in our church who need to know that they are loved… that they are cared for… that they are not forgotten. Will you help build our walls by showing them that you care?