Announcing! Details about our new children and youth programming!

Good news, Holy Trinity parents, kids, and teenagers!

THIS Sunday we begin our new ONE SERVICE schedule! Many of you have been wondering when our children will have Sunday School after we move to this new schedule. We have answers! 

Our Sunday school teachers – led by our wonderful new volunteer Children’s Ministry Coordinator (Kim Richards) – have developed a GREAT plan for our children’s education program. As we planned, we recognized a few challenges and found a great way to overcome them! We saw that…

  1. Visitors were commenting that since our children’s Sunday School wasn’t during the worship hour, they didn’t really have a chance to check it out. We’re afraid that some of these visitors might not have come back to Holy Trinity as a result.
  2. Because some of our families weren’t able to come to church an hour early for children’s Sunday School, their children weren’t able to participate in the amazing program we offered.
  3. Parents were finding it difficult to worship and pay attention to the sermon while trying to wrangle squirming kids.

…and we came up with outstanding solutions!!

If your child is in the 6th grade or under, they will have the opportunity to participate in a new super special worship and education time during the 10:00 service!  We’ve found a way for our kids to worship with their parents for a few minutes – so our moms and dads can model worship for them – and then have a time of worship and learning that is JUST FOR THEM!! Now our visitors can see and experience our children’s program AND all our families have a chance to worship together! 

If your child is grade 7-12, they will have a great time together in Sunday School at 9:00 so they can then worship with their family at 10:00. 

Starting THIS Sunday (February 7), this is how our children’s program (grade 6 and under) will work…

  1. CHECK IN: You will check your child in for Sunday school in the Fellowship Hall before church starts. It’ll only take a minute! Then your child will go with you into the sanctuary.
  2. DISMISSAL: Your child will worship with you during the first song. Then, during the announcements, your child will be dismissed to Children’s Worship and Sunday School. Our volunteers will meet them in the back of the sanctuary and will walk with them to the chapel. Don’t worry! If you forgot to check your child in, our volunteers can help you check in during the announcements!
  3. WORSHIP: Your child will have a super special, age appropriate worship experience in the chapel led by a team of our volunteers. In fact, one of the folks leading this time (Brian Best, a.k.a. BB Angelo) is a professional children’s worship leader! Your kids are going to LOOOVE it!
  4. EDUCATION: After your children have 20 minutes of worship (just like their mom and/or dad!), they will be separated into classes where they will learn about Bible stories and how dearly God loves them in exciting, energetic, and age-appropriate ways.
  5. DISMISSAL: Your child will then be brought to the chapel where they will hang out with their friends and our amazing volunteers until you come pick them up! Please come pick your child up as soon as church is dismissed. After you do, you can go chat with your friends and enjoy a cup of coffee!

We’re SO EXCITED about how we’re going to be able to worship with our kids and teach them about Jesus in the months ahead!  If you have any questions about this new children’s ministry structure, feel free to email Pastor Bryan!