More change?? Good grief!! - From Pastoral Intern Jeani Rice-Cranford

February is here! Where is our class? 

Remember this announcement? 

"A change is coming." When you see this sentence, what's the first thing that runs through your mind? Does change make you anxious? Cause you worry? Bring excitement? Does it depend? In my life, I've responded to change in a variety of ways and, as many of us know, our responses to things can be healthy responses--and sometimes we simply react. 

We may find ourselves in an already overwhelmed state where even a small change to our routine seems like an intolerable, crushing blow. What if I told you there are some ways to better know our current state; some tools we can use for knowing when we need to hit the pause button--and how to do that in healthy ways; as well as tools for learning how to walk in community with one another allowing each other to "be" where we are on life's journey--yet not be alone? 

We are not alone!! We are not left to figure things out on our own. And beginning March 1st, on Tuesday evenings, at 6:30pm in the Chapel at HTCC, we will begin our conversation regarding change and the ways in which we often respond. Throughout the course, I will introduce you to possible strategies for responding to change as individuals and as a community. We will incorporate examples from biblical text that offer us guidance on how to practice self-care and care for one another. 

The goal is for us to join together as a church family and discover ways to understand how we respond to change today, determine whether or not we have opportunities to improve our responses for healthier options, and to share strategies through conversations with one another so that we can continue growing forward.

One of my favorite statements during a time in my life filled with traumatic, constant change is: the only constant is change.

Join me on Tuesday evenings, beginning March 1st and discover how we can embrace change!