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You can Sing With Us!

There are many ways to get connected at HTCC, but none of them are as wacky and fun as the choir! We are a group of singers & musicians that come together to worship the Lord in song and scripture! At our rehearsal you will find a fellowship of Christians that love Jesus & music wholeheartedly. Join us Sunday afternoons on zoom as we do a short devotional, and sing music to prepare for our digital performances!

We sing a variety of styles from timely classics, gospel melodies, Chancel arrangements, and Contemporary Christian music in order to capture a greater depth of God's power to reach our souls. We are a family & have found our faith grow stronger together. No matter what your skill level or age, we would love to have you join the team! 

Our Choir Leaders


Music Director




Music Librarian


Music Librarian


Spiritual Coordinator


Recruitment & Outreach


Assistant Music Director

"Walking into choir rehearsal that first time by myself was terrifying for me, but I was put at ease so quickly with everyone and I'm really glad I did it! But you have to be willing to take that first step." ~Petra

"I felt so welcomed and accepted every time I sing with the choir" ~Dawn

"I hadn't been this vulnerable in a church small group since High-school. The unity of singing together with the choir really makes me feel comfortable & safe." ~Andrew

"Singing with the choir at HTCC has helped me connect to God in such a great way!" ~Gillian


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