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Sunday Worship Theme: "The Gift of Emptiness"

Our Pentecost Worship Series investigates the birth of the ancient church, and draws parallels to the same issues facing our church. The worship series titled, “The Unexpected Gifts of the Spirit” is grounded in Paul’s letter to the church in Rome and his second letter to the Corinthians. It is also informed by a fantastic book study called Gifts of the Dark Wood by Eric Elnes. The series explores those places in our lives framed by uncertainty, emptiness, getting lost, sudden insight, temptation, disappearing (withdrawal), and being misfit (not fitting in). It’s about finding your place in the world at the very point where you feel furthest from it. Something that the early church most definitely struggled with.

This Sunday's sermon theme is "The Gift of Emptiness" which encourages us to seek and experience the "wholly otherness" of God before we can encounter God within us. It's tough to face our inner emptiness. Imagine if you were free--not free of your faults, but free from your fear of them. What did Jesus mean when he said, "Whoever tries to preserve their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life will preserve it?" Luke 17:33 Living a full life means letting go of your need for survival, rightness, and perfection. By embracing our humility we live into our fullest humanity. We experience the paradox of encountering God's fullness within our emptiness.