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Welcome Ministry

How does HTCC welcome people? Is our welcome a little more than the initial encounter, or does the lifestyle of our church bring new people into Christian community, disciple them and send them out? A welcoming climate begins at the curb, continues into every part of the building (including clean, fresh and shining facilities!) resides in the heart of the congregation, and moves outside the church walls into the community. While our biggest expense may be our building and grounds, it’s care and upkeep means much more than paying the light bill. It means creating a space that welcomes everyone into our community.

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Hospitality Ministry

How does HTCC ensure our visitors come back? The Greek word for hospitality is philoxenia, and literally means to "love strangers.” Hospitality is the next step after welcome, and involves follow up. What’s next after folks are welcomed into our community? Sometimes it may mean sharing a cup of coffee, offering a morning Danish or an invitation to join a small group. It means being intentional about learning someone’s name, sending out cards to new visitors, and of course, providing some of the best home cooking in the city for potluck dinners, socials and special events.

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UCC Upper Room Fellowship

Bi-annual potluck fellowship meetings with Nashville UCC churches feature an inspirational program and rededication to having daily devotional time for inner healing and renewal. Pick up your free copy of the Upper Room Devotional in the church foyer and watch for information about our next potluck fellowship meeting!