HTCC Reopening Plan!

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Beginning Sunday, September 27th, we will begin holding in-person services at HTCC! While this is exciting for many, we ask that you only participate at your comfort level. We would love to see you, but we do not want you to feel pressured into attending in person. We will still have fully online streaming, in addition to Zoom prayer and small groups meeting throughout the week. Keep reading on for more details.

How many people can come?

We will allow up to fifty attendees (including volunteers) starting September 27th. At this time all guests for each service must register online or via phone call before arriving on campus. There will be no walk-in visits allowed. If you have not registered prior to Sunday morning, you may not be allowed entrance if we have reached our maximum registrations. If you need assistance with registering, please email us at

What precautions are being taken?

  • We will have wider rows of seating, and chairs will be separated into sections for different sized households. We ask that you sit in the designated section according to the number of people that are with you from your household.

  • Mask wearing will be strictly enforced. The safety of those in attendance is our top priority and that includes having everyone wear masks. (We will allow removal of masks briefly for communion and for those that are presenting on stage.) If you have health reasons for not being able to wear a mask, we kindly ask that you participate in worship online from your home.

  • Participants will have their temperature checked and will complete a verbal COVID questionnaire upon entering the building. (Volunteers completing the screening will turn away guests exhibiting any COVID symptoms.)

  • Worship music will be at a lower volume to prevent loud volume singing.

  • Financial gifts are encouraged to take place digitally, but we will have a designated drop-off location for physical gifts for in-person worship.

What will service look like?

We are excited to be able to have a hybrid worship experience. We will do our best to not favor in-person or online attendance over the other. We value everyone's ability and comfort to participate in the safest capacity for them.

We will have in-person elements that interact seamlessly with our online live-stream. During the service we will have a live sermon, communion, & prayer time which will be streamed on our worship webpage. Worship music from our worship team and choir will be pre-recorded for the time being and will be played on our screens and streamed with the online broadcast. On occasion, the worship leader may lead an acoustic song or hymn live.

Because of safety reasons, we will not have a "meet & greet" in person, but rather encourage everyone to participate in the live chat on our worship webpage! There will also be no time of in-person fellowship before or after the service. We hope that instead, you will join us on zoom prior to worship for Adult Sunday school or after service for pastoral care with Dr. Rev. Brice Thomas.

What do I do After I arrive?

Please arrive at the church with enough time to get checked into worship between 9:30-10:00 AM. If you arrive early, please remain in your vehicle until 9:30 AM. Check-in will begin at the west entrance by Trinity Hall. Once you enter the building, you will be guided through three different check-in stations before you enter the sanctuary. Please follow the X's on the floor to keep a 6-foot distance between all participants.

Station 1- (West Entrance) Here, you will show us your reservation confirmation or ID so we can make sure that you are on our guest list. You will then verbally answer our COVID screening questions while we take your temperature with a contactless thermometer. Before your drive to the church, be sure that you can answer 'no' to all of the screening questions and have a temperature lower than 99.9 F. Any persons that have a higher temperature or answer 'yes' will immediately be asked to leave.

Station 2- (Fellowship Hall) Here, a welcome team member will check you into worship with an iPad. This allows us to have record that you have passed all of the previous screening. If you are not yet in our system, you will be guided to a designated area to get registered with another welcome team member.

Station 3- (Welcome Center) Once you enter the welcome center, we ask that you keep a 6-foot distance among all other people that are not in your household and wash your hands in our restrooms. If you need to leave the building for any reason, you must leave via the welcome center glass doors. To re-enter the building, you must do so again through the West Entrance to begin the check-in process over. To avoid too much gathering in the welcome center, please enter the sanctuary and find your seat until the service is over.

After worship, we ask that all attendees vacate the building, exiting via the welcome center doors.

How Do I Register To Attend In-Person Worship?

At this time you do not need to register for in-person service. However, we are limited to 50 people in the building, so we suggest arriving early to ensure your seat. We will begin checking in our congregation around 9:30 AM!

I am so excited to see you in person for worship and online at our worship page during the many weeks to come. I want to give a special shout-out to all of the vestry members and staff for their continued dedication to our church and community during these challenging times. It hasn't been easy to keep our mission at the forefront during this pandemic, but God is still moving and changing lives even stronger through our ministry. We miss you all and hope that together we can make a difference.

Aaron Bostwick

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