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March Volunteer Appreciation

It has been about a year since COVID restrictions began that affected the lives of everyone in our community. The Worship & Media teams have been working diligently behind the scenes to create HTCC's worship experiences this past year. They have had to be creative, flexible, patient, and tenacious to bring you worship services each Sunday, cultivate community online, and keep us connected through virtual special events and services. We wanted to take time to thank these specific volunteers, staff, and vestry members.

- Andrew :)


Aaron Bostwick

As Director of Worship, Aaron has stepped up and committed well over his hours to bring quality digital services and programming to HTCC during the pandemic (and before). He has worked tirelessly to transition and adapt to the online platform, implementing feedback and listening to others throughout the process. He has maintained our choir and worship teams during lockdown, producing amazing videos and livestreams, including a top-notch Christmas program. We are so thankful for Aaron's passion and stickwithitness this year.

Frankie Lopez

Frankie Lopez is our Vestry liaison for the Welcome Ministry Team, but his volunteer spirit extends far beyond that area at HTCC. In addition to singing in the choir and editing the choir videos, he plays an important role in the media team. Prior to lockdown last March, Frankie set our media team up with a new program for live-streaming that has enabled us to provide the unique and impactful worship experiences we have had thus far. He has kept up with this program and helped stream many of our services this year. His creativity and adaptability have been essential to problem solving and evolving through the pandemic.

Leonard Craig

Leonard serves as our Vestry liaison for the Worship Ministry Team (as well as the chair), and has been an immense help responding to congregant feedback and adapting services to meet the needs of our congregation. Additionally, his work mixing the sound for our live streams is worthy of note. We are so thankful for Leonard's time and talent at HTCC.

Charlotte Huff

Charlotte is a Swiss Army knife - always there when you need her, and willing and capable of nearly any task. She has been essential to the success of our online worship experience, helping with various tasks - everything from monitoring chats to problem solving sound issues, to spending hours at the church setting up for a live streamed service. HTCC's online services would not be what they are without Charlotte's input and hard work.

Worship Team

The worship team have been diligent about recording songs for worship and participating in live steamed services. They have worked with Aaron and Frankie to produce the songs and services you have participated in from home this past year. Many thanks to Barclay Owens, Elias MacDonald, Emily Verschoor-Kirss, Gillian Garnowski, James Hodges, and Nick Derifield for their commitment to excellence and our spiritual community during this time.

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