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The Grateful Gnome: We LOVE our small group volunteers! ❤️

The Gnome wants to give BIG thank you this month to:

Marilyn St. John-Doucette, Kelli West, Bob Lutey and Rev. D. Gavin Warren, for faithfully leading our virtual prayer groups. You have been so dedicated in helping us stay connected through all of this!

"Feeling connected to each other is a challenge that has faced us since COVID began. I am proud of and thankful to each small group leader for rising to the challenge. The dedication of our small group leaders to loving and supporting the Body of Christ is an inspiration."

-John Tyner, Spiritual Formation Vestry Leader

If you would like to connect with others through our nightly prayer groups, join us HERE at 6pm, Monday-Saturday. We would love to have you join our group!

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