Friday - Cameron

This week I watched a video that I felt truly resonated with the heart and soul of our UCC statement: “No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.”

I realized that what we are doing at Holy Trinity is groundbreaking and wanted to take this time to acknowledge how important we are to our community (local, national, and worldwide), and to encourage and empower us to keep this statement true.

The video below is great, but its more of a conversation starter than anything else. I believe it does a really good job of acknowledging that we must never forget the hardships that many races and culture groups have endured over the centuries, and this is great but where do we go from there? How do we actually make a difference… I believe that the first step is to be as informed as possible, and that's where this video ends up. It challenges us to look at the reality of RACE and how on a genetic level these men made cultural barriers fall apart. I believe that at Holy Trinity we can be that informed community, and by doing so can be the hands and feet of Jesus to all races and culture groups.

My challenge for us today is to think long and hard about the unfair socioeconomic challenges that many races deal with on a day to day basis and to make a change! But, to first make a change in action, we must have a change of heart, and to have a change of heart, we must have perspective. I hope this video gives you the perspective that it gave me yesterday and I challenge us to think of the last part of our statement in a new way. When we hear the phrase “You are welcome here” lets imagine that it actually says:

“You, yes even YOU, are welcome here!”