Friday - Mission Minded by Jes Cleland

Read an update on our upcoming mission trip written by Jes Cleland, our Holy Trinity Missions coordinator.

While going through a study on Lent this past week, I came across an insightful reflection on the term Eucharist, which we understand, as modern day believers, to be Holy Communion. I learned that the word is made up of two words that actually, in one interpretation, mean “good gift”. How beautiful and accurate. Christ’s body broken, and his blood poured out for us, is indeed, the best gift! This idea that the healing of humanity, the healing of the world had to begin with sacrifice: the body broken, and blood poured out is an ongoing process. Today we, as the church, are the body of Christ. We are the tangible, living, breathing “good gift” that brings healing to the world. Each of us has something good to bring to the table and yes, it requires sacrifice. As we share ourselves with the world, at work, at home, at church, we may get tired even weary at times. Our bodies may feel broken, but the sacrifices we make bring healing to the world. Have you ever thought about your day like that? That your smile, your hard work, your stress level, your diligence to do a job and do it well, while it may feel burdensome, is a sacrifice made for the healing of the world and is a “good gift”?

While I pondered that, my mind, as it often does, wandered to mission work. I, as many of you do, have a passion for taking the love of Christ beyond the walls of our church building. Sometimes that looks like loving on your neighbor with a batch of cookies, but sometimes it looks like taking a trip across the country, or across the world to love on people who might be less fortunate than you. Sometimes it looks like raising money so that a team of people can go be the hands and feet of Jesus to an area of the world that might otherwise feel forgotten. To me, mission work is another great example of Eucharist. Such an amazing gift! That’s why I am so excited to share with you about Holy Trinity’s Summer Mission Trip! I will be leading a team of 12 people to Eastern Navajo, New Mexico this July. Because of lack of economic development, unemployment on the reservation is very high. The Navajo struggle to keep up with caring for the elderly, and addiction is a reality for many. Our team will be providing support for the local church in practical ways including building maintenance and remodeling, as well as helping the locals care for their elderly. We will help restore homes to adequate living conditions and facilitate programs for children. I am so excited to be heading to New Mexico with such an extraordinary group of servants. I can’t wait to see the relationships that are built between team members as well as with those we will be serving and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us in Eastern Navajo, New Mexico!

This team will sacrifice their time, their talents, their energy, and their finances to bring a “good gift” and to meet some very real needs of the Navajo in New Mexico. You can help support this team in 3 ways:

  1. Pray for the team members, for traveling mercies, and for Christ’s love to be experienced by all we come in contact with.
  2. There will be several fundraisers between now and our trip. Your attendance and contributions will mean more than you may ever know! 
  3. You don’t have to wait for a fundraiser to contribute financially! By contributing to the Mission Team, you make it possible for us to go and be a “good gift” to those in need. This is a very practical way that you can be a part of the great work that will be done! Click on the link below to make a designated offering for the upcoming mission trip! To label funds towards the trip simply make a payment using the "Mission Trip 2015" fund and if you would like to designate the fund for a specific person Include there name in the text box next to the fund!