Friday - Dollar Club

$1 can make a big difference.

Bring in your spare ones this week and we will use that to defray the cost of outreach ministries!

This week we are donating all monies raised to Nashville Cares, a longtime friend to our community.

Below you will find information about this charity.

Feel free to visit as well.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Middle Tennessee.  We work to achieve this through education, advocacy and support for those at risk for or living with HIV. 

With your help, Nashville CARES offers services annually to 60,000 Middle Tennesseans infected and affected by HIV/AIDS including: HIV prevention education to more than 40,000 youth and adults, almost 17,000 FREE confidential HIV tests, and essential support services to 2,850 men, women and children living with the disease.

Last year, Nashville CARES:

Educated 7,200 teenagers and 8,800 young adults about HIV prevention

Helped 1,860 clients find and keep housing
Provided 111,800 meals to 1,460 people with HIV/AIDS
Provided 1,300 nights of emergency/transitional lodging
Paid $370,000 in mortgage, rent and utility bills for 509 people with HIV/AIDS
Distributed 5,700 bus passes and gas vouchers to 880 people with HIV/AIDS

Educated 16,500 gay, bisexual and other MSM about HIV and other health issues

Offered 2,400 hours of individual and group counseling and addiction therapy
Provided 250 hours of CARE Team help with household chores

Educated 14,850 women to protect their health

Distributed 190,000 direct prevention materials
Paid for dental care for 780 people with HIV/AIDS
Helped pay for medicine and medical care for 2,370 people with HIV/AIDS
Provided 15,700 hours of planning and advocacy to help 2,370 people with HIV/AIDS find needed resources
Tested 16,800 individuals for HIV and linked the 88 people who tested positive to care and support
Provided treatment education and adherence support to 1,500 people with HIV/AIDS

Answered 4,560 calls to our HEARTLine for assistance

Thanks so much for your generosity!