Friday - Pastor's Corner w/ Pastor Bryan

Holy Trinity Family –

This weekend marks Memorial Day – a time when we remember and celebrate the brave men and women who have died while serving in our country’s armed forces. This Memorial Day I will be remembering my Grandfather – whom we affectionally called Gran – who died 19 years ago this month. Although Gran didn’t die while serving in the military, he proudly defended against the Nazi threat by flying an Air Force bomber over Germany. Many years after those harrowing flights, the fight Gran would eventually lose would be to cancer. Gran taught me to put tobacco on my eggs and lemon in my water. He was funny and generous, kind and quiet. This weekend I remember him and thank him for the way he served my family and our country.  

I hope that in the midst of hotdogs and cold drinks you will take a few minutes this weekend to say thank you to the families that have been left behind – who have been broken and separated by the violence of war. Thank them for the sacrifice they’ve endured. Love that lays down its life is true love, indeed.

Some of you may also already know that this Monday, Aaron and I will be leaving for our honeymoon! We are calling this our Graduoneymoon trip since we’re celebration both his graduation from Vanderbilt Divinity School AND our Honeymoon. We are VERY excited about marking this exciting time in our lives with both some relaxation and adventure! Thank you for giving us the ability to take a bit of time this summer to take a breath and refresh. I will certainly miss you while we’re gone!!

I will be preaching THIS SUNDAY, so do your homework and be prepared to think about James 2:14-18! Next Sunday (June 5) our former Pastoral Intern – Jeani Rice- Cranford – will be preaching in my absence. Please be praying for Jeani as she prepares to encourage and challenge our congregation! Then, the next week (June 12), Chaplain Jennifer Lane will serve our church through delivering the sermon. Both Jennifer and Jeani are such wonderful resources for our church. I know you’ll enjoy their wisdom, insight, and compassion!! Please be praying for them as they prepare!

Much love to you all and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!!

Pastor Bryan