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HTCC requires no payments or membership fees from those who are apart of our community or visiting us. We instead ask for each person’s voluntary Support.


This support is best when it is grounded in a sense of Gratitude and Joy for being a part of our progressive evangelical community of faith. Stewardship also depends on the good will and generosity from each of us.


"Stewardship is everything we do after we say ‘Yes’ to God.”


Stewardship seeks to open us to the Abundance already present in our lives so that we might share in Mission and Ministry of the church.


For us, November is when we collectively and individually think about our gifts of time, talent, and treasure to renew (or make new!) our support for the upcoming year. As you are taking these next steps for yourself, take some time to think & pray through these questions: 


  • Do I want HTCC and our mission to continue to exist for another 25 years?

  • What is my part in helping HTCC, not only survive, but thrive in its mission and vision?

  • What will be my financial investment and commitment of service in time and talent to make possible our church’s life and witness?


We have no way of knowing how much income we will be receiving in the year ahead without gathering your pledge and the careful consideration from everyone a part of our family. Your estimated pledge of giving will help us craft a responsible Budget for 2021 and many years to come!

 Make My Pledge! 

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