Holy Trinity Vestry


How is HTCC being led? The Vestry is a 9 person lay-leadership body of Holy Trinity that serves closely with Administrative Staff in managing the business and facilities needs of the church. Vestry members are elected by Church Partners to serve two-year terms.

In addition to the Vestry Chair, eight Ministry Teams are overseen by Vestry Liaisons to provide administration, care and coordination of church business, outreach and represent the needs of the congregation. See Ministry Team descriptions below.

 Holy Trinity Community Church Ministry Teams

  • Vestry Chair - Kim Seator - Coordinates, plan and lead monthly meetings (2nd Sunday of each month) to include agenda development and administration of ministry team liaisons. Assists Pastor in nurturing and leading Vestry liaisons and its various teams, providing accountability, regular communication, organization, and care for ministry team leaders.

  • Care Team - Vestry Liaison: Rev. Anne-Marie Zanzal - Identifies mechanisms and processes for sharing the needs of the church with the pastor and the congregation: prayer team, hospitality, concerns, suggestions, etc. Creates a care ministry action plan to include: hospital/home visits, food needs for church partners, get well and thinking of you cards, etc.

  • Stewardship and Financial Development Team - Vestry Liaison: Treasurer Steven Compton - Oversees budget and fundraising initiatives, leads the finance committee, and coordinates all care issues related to the building and grounds.

  • Welcome Team - Vestry Liaison: Jimmy McNeice - Identifies, coordinates and supports Sunday morning volunteers. Identifies an action plan for following up with new visitors. Assigns Vestry members/church partners to greet folks in the welcome center before and after service. Oversees the welcome center displays, environment and "welcome to HTCC" gifts/information

  • Fellowship Team - Vestry Liaison: Debbie Leaman - Coordinates hospitality for Sunday morning. Helps plan the church calendar and oversee special events and activities (Homecoming, Easter, Summer Picnic, Christmas, etc.) Assists with recruiting volunteers to assist with planning and implementing these events.

  • Worship Team - Vestry Liaison: Leonard Craig - Plans special elements specifically related to worship. Provides oversight and feedback to musicians, worship team members, audio/visual, biblical storytellers, drama team, etc. Helps plan the worship environment for the sanctuary according to the church calendar. Resolves issues involving equipment issues and needs (i.e. audio, equipment, video projection, etc).

  • Spiritual Formation Team - Vestry Liaison: John Tyner - Oversees the development of our Children's and Adult Sunday School programs and recruit volunteers to staff and nurture this ministry. Supports small groups and identify church wide studies based on the needs of the congregation. Provides theological reflection with pastor regarding worship and sermon series.

  • Justice and Witness Team - Vestry Liaison: Andrew Raney - Identifies organizations and city-wide activities that address issues of concern to the congregation, and be the liaison for these initiatives (Pride, Human Rights Campaign, RITI, etc.) Coordinates and communicates ministry opportunities/mission trips for the church. Oversees/supports staffing of our Room In The Inn ministry.

  • Communications Team - Vestry Liaison: Candice Cokefair - Oversees all communications of the church (weekly announcements, newsletters, social media postings, FB Live broadcasts, etc.) Identifies ways to solicit and share these communications with the congregation. Creates and implements a communications/marketing plan based on the church calendar

Current Vestry Members for 2019

vestry Chair - kim seator

Vestry liaison - Rev. AnnE-Marie Zanzal

vestry liaison: - steven compton

VESTRY liaison - Jimmy McNeice

Vestry liaison - debbie leaman

vestry liaison - leonard craig

Vestry liaison - john tyner (JT)

Vestry Liaison - Candice Cokefair

vestry liaison - andrew raney

vestry liaison - andrew raney