Sunday Worship YouTube Broadcast - November 11, 2018

Our new Worship Series follows after our recent series and church-wide small group study, “Not a Fan.” Once we discern and decide to be a follower of Jesus, and not just a fan, how do we engage that journey as a fellowship of followers? During our new series, “A Fellowship of Followers” we’ll hear reflections by preachers in our church as they define what it means to be a people who follow Jesus together! This Sunday Pastor Brice shared his testimony and preached on the topic "Poor" Givers and Wounded Healers.
Scripture: Mark 12:38-44 Overview: Jesus said, blessed are the Poor in Spirit…those that have known suffering, realize they are not perfect, understand that they don’t live in a vacuum, want to be connected to something bigger than themselves and desire change in the world, in their own lives and in the lives of those they love. Holy Trinity exists for many reasons. Many of you have found life here. You have changed your life here. You have changed others’ lives here. You have transformed the world here.
Community Challenge: So many of us have suffered brokenness from religious oppression and judgement. How do we recover from Religious Trauma? We recover through giving care and compassion to those who have suffered the same. Being a wounded healer means that God can use you BECAUSE of your injury. In this season of stewardship, the challenge is to make real change by giving ALL of YOURSELF to a ministry of generosity, especially those broken places.