Sunday Worship Broadcast - December 9, 2018

Pastor Brice continues our 4-week Advent sermon series, “Let There Be Peace on Earth…and Let it Begin with Me!”

Sermon Theme: “Peace in the Community”
Scripture: Luke 3:7-18
Overview: Have you ever been the recipient of some really horrific news? I mean the kind of news that just rocks your world—earth shattering news? When the Old and New Testament writers speak of “the end” of the world, they do so—not in meaning that the world would stop in a flash—but rather they meant that there would be an end to the way the present world was being run. During advent we anticipate the coming of one who would bring peace to a world riddled with chaos and injustice. We anticipate that one day, the Messiah, the anointed one of God would arrive on the scene and right all the wrongs that we see and live on a daily basis.