Sunday Podcast and Facebook Live! - June 24, 2018

The Gift of Temptation - Finding and following your path is an ongoing process that tends to take shape, bit by bit, over many years, often by trial and error. It evolves, requiring an ongoing conversation between your body, soul, community of friends, loved ones, those you serve, and the Spirit to discern where it lies at any particular moment. Along the way, the temptation to do the wrong good is one of the greatest gifts you can receive, as it continually challenges you to discern between the good you are called to do and the good you are specifically not called to do. More often than not, your intuition—your deep listening to the voice of the Spirit—is a better judge than your logic, reason, or strategic ability. Thus, the gift of temptation also refines your listening ability like no other—often through suffering the consequences of acting against your intuition. Trial by fire. Excerpt From: Eric Elnes. “Gifts of the Dark Wood.”