Sunday Podcast & Facebook Live! - July 15, 2018

Our new sermon series “Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time” is based on Marcus Borg’s pivotal book of the same name. The series explores our feelings about wanting a contemporary faith while simultaneously inviting a rigorous examination of historical findings about Jesus can lead to a new faith in Christ. Borg illustrates how an understanding of the historical Jesus can actually lead to a more authentic Christian life—one not rooted in creed or dogma, but in a life of spiritual challenge, compassion, and community.

Sermon Theme: “Costly Courage”
ScriptureMark 6:14-29
Overview: John the Baptist’s prophetic ministry, which was to “name the truth,” eventually led to his horrible death by Herod. His courage to confront the powers of his day, though, provides us inspiration to be disciples of Christ. Where is the kingdom of God at risk and needs your courage as a disciple? Do this, even though such courage can have difficult consequences.
Human Need: We want courage to confront our own fears and hesitations about the cost of discipleship.
Community Challenge: When we have vicariously experienced the worst that can happen, we can become freed from fear of the unknown to accept the costs of discipleship.