Sunday Worship Broadcast - February 24, 2019

This Sunday we conclude our Epiphany worship series, “Discovering Divine Direction” with the focus on how relationships in our lives can reveal God’s direction for us.
Sermon Theme: “Mirror, Mirror”
Scripture: Luke 6:27-38
Overview: God wants to speak to you through your relationships; through people in your life. No one is in your life by accident; everyone is there by divine appointment. Sometimes they remain hidden figures in our consciousness, but not paying attention to why they are in your life robs you of one of the ways God gives you divine direction. It’s your job not just to notice them, but to care for them and listen to them. And it often starts with simply hearing criticism from a different perspective. But that can only happen in the context of love. Avoiding conflict is easy to do, but it doesn’t do anybody any good to do so. Conflict isn’t fun, but it helps us grow. Just make sure you address it in love.