Sunday Worship Broadcast - February 3, 2019

Epiphany Worship Series: “Discovering Divine Direction”
Sermon Theme:
“Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out”
Scripture: Luke 4:21-30
Overview:  One of the ways that God speaks to us is through opening and closing doors. In short, God speaks to us through circumstances.  Discerning these doors requires us to appraise our situation with supernatural insight…a prophetic perception that enables us to see past our problems and envision possibilities. It’s picking up on what God is putting right in front of us. It’s taking the first step in faith before God can reveal the next step. Mark Batterson’s book, “Whisper: How to Hear the Voice of God” suggests there are five tests for discerning God’s will.
Goose-Bump Test - We have no idea where we are going much of the time, but as long as we keep in step with the Spirit, keep chasing after God’s desires, we will get where God wants us to go.
Peace Test - You will know in your heart that it’s the right thing to do. It’s a peace that passes all understanding. It’s not just peace in the midst of the storm; its peace in the perfect storm.
Wise Counsel Test - You have to surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. Surround yourself with people who have permission to speak truth to you in love.
Crazy Test - By definition, a God-sized dream or door is always beyond our comprehension or abilities. It’s beyond our logic, and our resources. In other words, we can’t do it without God’s help.
“Released-from and Called-To” test. You’ll never be able to walk through the next God door when you’ve got your foot caught in the one God is trying to close. Sometimes you have to let go of what’s holding you back, in order to move forward. The pain of moving out of your past can be too overwhelming to even consider.­­­­