Sunday Worship Broadcast - January 27, 2019

Epiphany Sermon Series: “Discovering Divine Direction”
Sermon Theme: “The Spoken Word”
Scripture: Luke 4:14-21
Overview:  How can scripture and the sacred story bring clarity and security into our places of confusion and uncertainty?

­­­­The Five steps of Lectio Divina (Divine Reading)
– Take 30 minutes to read, reflect, and respond to the Holy Spirit’s promptings in Lectio Divina. Light a candle to collect your thoughts and calm your mind. Pray an invitation like, “God, let me hear from you,” or “Holy Spirit, Come” and sit quietly, opening your mind to hearing from God.
Lectio (Read)
– Read a scripture from your devotions or daily Bible reading and listen carefully for any words or phrases that seem to jump out. Wait patiently for God to give a gentle nudge.
Meditatio (Reflect) – Read the same passage a second time, focusing on the points you become aware of during the first reading. Re-read these verses and reflect carefully on where God has nudged you. Then reflect on what you sense God is saying. Don’t analyze the passage. Just ask God to make your focus clear.
Oratio (Respond) - After a third reading, it’s time to respond. Record your thoughts by journaling or write a prayer, talking the opportunity for conversation with God.
Contemplatio (Rest) – Read a final time, and then spend 10 minutes in silent contemplation. This isn’t a time of prayer or meditation — just sit quietly and allow God to work. When your mind starts to wander and dart here and there, bring it gently back to stillness again.