Sunday Worship Broadcast - March 10, 2019

Lenten Worship Series: “From Shame to Glory - A lenten journey to rewrite the story of your life”
Sermon Theme: “How Shame Targets the Mind”
Scripture: Luke 4:1-13
It may seem quaint that most folks think they have to renounce certain things during Lent. It’s what we have been taught. But that is the way Jesus began his pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Before he could be the true Messiah, he had to discover the sort of messiah he would not be. In affirming God, he first rejected everything that stood in his way of embracing his true identity. On our journey toward Easter we are tackling one of the biggest obstacles to realizing our true identity in Christ; this thing called Shame. And when it comes to combating shame, if we are not aware of what we are feeling, it will have its way with us without us even knowing it. Shame gets its way by targeting the mind, tricking it into believing the same old untrue stories about who we are, or are not. Freedom from shame begins by giving it up as a way of thinking.
Questions for reflection this week:
1.    How well do you pay attention to what you pay attention to? What keeps you from being completely present?
2.    What memories do you have that seem to reflect an experience of shame regarding your true identity?
3.    What role do emotions play in your life? Are you driven by them, or are they tempered by reason, experience and faith?