Sunday Worship Broadcast - March 17, 2019

Lenten Worship Series: “From Shame to Glory - A lenten journey to rewrite the story of your life”
Sermon Theme:
“Joy, Shame and the Brain”
Scripture: Luke 9:28-43
Overview: The disciples on the mountain peak got the extraordinary, hard news that the transformation of this world for which they lived, breathed and would die, had to start with the transformation of their own humble selves. The message today to us is just the same, and so is the warm invitation from Christ: Come—live unveiled. Live unashamed. Embody the glory and joy of God! In whatever way you choose to live your created purpose, to be God’s joy; it will transform you.
Questions for reflection this week:
1.  What is your experience of joy in your daily life?
2. Who are the people who propagate joy in your life by consistently demonstrating their delight in you?
3. Reflect on a time when your experience of shame inhibited your sense of joy and curiosity. What were the physical, emotional and mental consequences?