Sunday Worship Broadcast - March 24, 2019

Lenten Worship Series: “From Shame to Glory: a lenten journey to rewrite the story of your life”
Sermon Theme:
“Shame and the Biblical Narrative”
Scripture: Luke 13:1-9
Overview: Shame is not only something that we weave in and out of our own stories, describing it as we experience it, but something that actively, intentionally attempts to shape the stories we are telling. Its game is to dismantle every effort toward goodness and beauty that we desire to co-construct with God. In the very opening of the story of the Bible, God is revealed as the One who creates joy and intention, who longs to have relationship with and be known by humankind. God desires for people to live as God lives, exploring, stewarding and creating in the world; not hiding ourselves from what God created us to be; vulnerable and unashamed.

Question for reflection this week:

1. In what ways does the spread of shame in the Garden of Eden feel familiar to your own life?

2. What tactics do you employ to hide from others? From whom do you hide the most?

3. With whom—on your best days—can you be fully transparent and vulnerable?