Sunday Worship Broadcast - May 12, 2019

We continue our Easter Worship series, “The Glory of a Resurrected Life” based on the lectionary scriptures from the Gospel of John.

Sermon Theme: “The Silence of the Lambs?”
Scripture: John 10:22-30
Overview: We are considering these questions throughout our Easter worship series: How might we live into the resurrection from a holistic perspective (where the body, mind and spirit are all connected)? How might we realize all that God created us to be while still confronting the limitations of our human experience? What exactly is God's vision for us to live in authenticity?

 The last two Sundays we covered two aspects of this vision; 1) honest doubt and authentic questioning is the path to deeper faith, 2) In order to experience the agape love of God, we must show phileo (sibling) love to each other. The third aspect of living in the resurrection: love without action is meaningless. Loving the world and each other begins by taking a stand for justice for all people. In the resurrected life we don’t just stand but also take action for those who have no voice. Social justice is a collaboration of body and spirit for the sake of building the kin-dom of God. Are you a silent lamb?

Questions for Reflection:

1)    What social justice are you willing to take a stand for?

2)    When do you take a stand for yourself?