Sunday Worship Broadcast - May 19, 2019

We continue our Easter Worship series, “The Glory of a Resurrected Life” based on the lectionary scriptures from the Gospel of John.
Sermon Theme: “What’s Love got to do with it?”
Scripture: John 13:31-35
Overview: Overview: We’ve been exploring through our Easter series the transformative formula for living in the glory of a resurrected life. This formula so far includes two significant concepts that Rev. Anne-Marie Zanzal shared during the first two Sundays following Easter: 1) honest doubt and authentic questioning is the path to deeper faith. 2) In order to experience the agape love of God, we must start with phileo love for each other. Last week I proposed the third part of this formula; 3) Love without action is meaningless. Love God, love each other. It’s that simple. You can’t do one without the other. Today we expand that understanding of love beyond those we know or associate with. We will explore the concept of loving the whole world. Loving those we don’t know, loving those who are outside our realms of living.
1) How do we attract others into our community of faith?
2) How do we experience a resurrected life if we don’t love the world?
Compassion for the other is the means by which we create communities of care. And sometimes that will mean loving those who act in unloving ways.