Sunday Worship Broadcast - June 2, 2019

We conclude our Easter Worship series, “The Glory of a Resurrected Life” based on the lectionary scriptures from the Gospel of John.
Sermon Theme: “When One is better than Two”
Scripture: John 17:20-26
Overview: Jesus as the human incarnation of God is the most trustworthy of friends. Unfortunately, this experience of God's friendship has been lost. Too often we are presented with the picture of God only as the Father and Judge. This is not a balanced or true picture at all, for God is also our Mother, our Beloved, our Teacher and our Guide. Jesus is our model for Divine Friendship. With Jesus as our friend we can be open and know that in that openness there is a loyalty and an understanding of everything that is within our hearts. This loyalty brings lightness and easiness to all our divine relationships in God. It is said that a friend of God is a friend of all. Friendship with Jesus teaches us and inspires us to be a true friend to others. In true friendship there is respect and co-operation. This creates a unity essential for peaceful coexistence. A true friendship, but especially God's, is a blessing for eternity. Living an individual resurrected life leads to a corporate resurrected community. Unity is the communal path to harmony and covenantal relationship. You have to stay in it to live into it. These strategies can help build Divine Friendship with each other: Be Vulnerable, Pay Attention, Harmonize Your Thoughts, Befriend Yourself, See Possibilities, and Affirm Who You Are…and Want to Become.