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Southeast Conference Unity Worship Invitation

June 20th 10:00 AM

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The Message

Rev. Dr. Brice Thomas

Sermon Theme: Prophecy in Public spaces
Scripture Text: Acts 2:17-24; 32-33

As the early Jesus movement rapidly grows, it continues this ministry of Jesus. Just as in Jesus’ early ministry, unusual manifestations of God’s Spirit; prophecy, signs and wonders begin to take place in the book of Acts. And just as when Jesus was on earth, God radically changes people from all levels of society and uses them to lead others to Him. The prophecy Peter quotes from Joel also mentions things such as signs in the heavens and on earth, the sun being darkened and the moon turning to blood. This kind of language foreshadows the absolute end of time when God wraps everything up and brings history as we know it to a close. On the day of Pentecost, this prophecy of Joel connects the past, present and future of God’s ultimate plan for humanity’s restoration.


The people of Joel's community were hard pressed to understand how God could allow such a tragedy to happen to them. Where was God, they must have wondered in the middle of such total devastation? This is the same question many people are asking today, as we endure multiple disasters simultaneously; rising infections and deaths from coronavirus, economic uncertainty with skyrocketing unemployment, and social unrest due to unjust violence and brutality against communities of color; not to mention incredible natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and floods. Where is God when it seems like our whole world is falling apart; again?


When Christ comes into our hearts by faith, we encounter the fullness of God's presence in the world, and we receive the same promise that: On the day of the Lord, the Day of Judgment, God will pour out His spirit on all people. When will this happen? Who does it start with? What is our part in repenting and proclaiming this prophetic message to our world ? What dreams are you dreaming? What visions will you proclaim? What freedoms will you hold dear, not just for yourself, but for all of God’s creation? What will you do on the day of the Lord?



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