Who We Are. What We Believe.

Welcome to Holy Trinity Community Church.

Welcome to ALL who are looking for a church home, who need hope or healing, have doubts, or don’t believe. Welcome to grandparents, grandchildren, to mothers, fathers, and single people. Welcome to people of all colors, cultures, and abilities. Welcome to people of all genders, sexual orientations, and political opinions. Welcome to believers and questioners - and welcome to questioning believers. For no matter who you are or where you are on your journey, you are welcome here!

At Holy Trinity Community Church we have a passion and desire for all people to know God’s love personally and understand God’s purpose for their lives. We exist to save lives; imparting hope and truth to the world, embracing the truths about God’s unconditional love and assisting all people in seeing their beautiful and unique identity as a child of God. As Christians we believe that a personal faith in Christ helps us recognize the primary source of our faith comes from living the way of Jesus.

We intend to build a vibrant church body that authentically reflects the unconditional love of Christ for all people. We do this by creating a spiritual culture of loving acceptance for all God’s children, without regard to race, gender, orientation, ability or social status, which allows each individual to grow in their faith and spiritual identity, as well as service to God. We seek to build a congregation with ministries that support and affirm individuals and all kinds of family units.

Holy Trinity is a unique community of faith identified by extravagant welcome, progressive and engaging theology, and passion for justice. These qualities come alive as we explore and discover more deeply the gifts of our community. As part of the United Church of Christ denomination, we share in a rich tradition of ground-breaking firsts and justice-seeking extending back centuries.

Our worship is a blend of contemporary music, traditional hymns, and progressive theology. We don’t simply tolerate our differences; we celebrate the wonder of the sacred in our differences – not only age, race, gender, ability, and orientation, but politics and theology too!

Presently, we have one service at 10:00 am each Sunday that lasts about an hour (sometimes a bit longer if the pastor goes off script!) We have a “come as you are” rule. Don’t worry about wearing your Sunday best – dress in whatever way you feel comfortable. You’ll find everything from suits and ties to shorts in the warm weather. Most people wear jeans or what you’d think of as business casual. But we don’t care what you wear. Just wear something!

We sing a lot! A couple of hymns, lots of contemporary praise songs, and even gospel music. Many of us come from Pentecostal and Southern Baptist roots, and we love to whoop it up sometimes! But you won’t get any hell, fire and brimstone here…or altar calls that humiliate you into becoming something you are not. In between, we mix it up a bit, but everything you need to know is printed right in your bulletin. Every other week, we enjoy a choir anthem. Sometimes we have special music and we always welcome artists to share their gifts in our midst.

We have a regular spiritual formation programs that include Sunday morning classes for adults and children, and small groups that meet throughout the week in homes and restaurants all over the city. We believe that being a church means more than a Sunday morning spirituality. We don’t just say we are welcoming, we mean it. Come try us out!