HTCC's COVID-19 Safety Protocols!

We are currently holding in-person worship services at HTCC. We also live-stream the services which can be viewed on our worship page and on our YouTube channel!

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The reopening phases of HTCC not only depends on the behavior of the virus, but on the actions of people. This includes, individuals as well as churches, communities, and governments.  We cannot know an exact timetable, but we followed the guidelines for the city of Nashville in establishing our current plan. As always, based on new or changing information current guidelines may change.

We are currently in a modified Phase 2! See below:

We are unsure at this time when Phase 3 (up to 100 people) can be initiated.  It will depend on governmental guidelines. At any point if there is a worsening of COVID-19 infection rates or deaths, the phases are fluid and may move back to a more restrictive level. 

Reopening: Phase 2

  • Gatherings up to 50 permitted (Services are available in-person & online during our live-stream)

  • Masks worn properly at all times in the facility.

  • Social Distancing (6 ft) of household units observed at all times in the facility.

  • Handwashing/Sanitizer required

  • Cleaning of all surfaces/equipment that were used.

  • Age 65+/high-risk use discretion (recommended)

Questions or concerns?